What to Watch for When Spring Cleaning Windows!

Spring is the perfect season to tackle all of those outdoor maintenance projects that winter weather made it too difficult to do. One of these projects that is a spring cleaning must is cleaning your windows. Now that the weather is right for it, you can take this opportunity to really give your windows some much-needed TLC and, in the process, determine whether it might be time to look into replacement windows. Read on to find out more!

spring-cleaning-windowsSpring Cleaning Your Windows: Taking Note of Signs of Wear

You never have quite as good an opportunity to look out for signs of window wear and tear than when you are cleaning them. This close-up view cleaning affords can help you see the tiny details and issues that can affect the overall performance of your windows. As you are going about your spring cleaning, pay attention to certain window problems, including:

Mold. If mold has developed on your window panes or the surrounding area, this could be a sign that your windows are not doing an effective job of keeping out moisture. Mold growths can become health hazards, as they can trigger allergic reactions. Replacement windows could eliminate this health risk with their strong seal, keeping out excess moisture.

Chipping. If the paint surrounding your windows has begun to chip, this could be another indication that your current windows are outdated. Take the time when cleaning your windows to look for chipped and peeling paint: too much of this means that it is time for replacement windows.

Sticking. If your windows are not opening and shutting smoothly, you will likely encounter a lot of difficulty getting them to function as normal. While you are cleaning, you will have to open and shut your windows anyway to access small crevices, so take this opportunity to see whether your windows “stick” or are jammed shut. If they are, replacement windows are your best option.

Your replacement windows from Capital Remodeling will not only eliminate all of these problems, but they will also make your next spring cleaning project a breeze! Our windows tilt outwards, making cleaning a snap, and our NEAT glass products are designed to minimize dirt and grime accumulation on the exterior of your windows, so they will stay cleaner for longer!

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