The Benefits of Double Hung Replacement Windows

When it comes to selecting replacement windows, you want to find a style that will suit your home well. In addition to finding a style that looks good, you’ll also want one that is easy to clean, energy efficient, and a snap to install. One extremely popular replacement window style meets all of those criteria: double hung windows. Read on to learn more about double hung windows and discover whether they’ll be a good fit for your home!

What Are Double Hung Replacement Windows?double hung windows

Double hung windows are a great choice for homeowners looking to replace their old, outdated windows. Double hung windows operate by opening from either the top or bottom section of glass (or both), maxmizing the amount of ventilation you get.

By opting for double hung windows, you will be able to…

…clean the glass easily. Because you can open both the top and bottom portions of the glass on double hung replacement windows, you can access all of the glass when it comes time to clean it. The interior and exterior of your glass will be easy to wash this way.

…keep your home cool. Because your double hung replacement windows increase the total amount of ventilation that can pass through your home, it will be easier to keep things cool, especially in summer.

…increase your family’s safety. Double hung windows are a smart choice for family homes with young children, as their design prevents children from pushing on the window screens.

…benefit from simple installation. With the help of a professional remodeling company, your new double hung replacement windows can be installed easily and efficiently. Professional window installation will guarantee your windows are set in a solid frame and that they are able to keep out moisture.

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