4 Things Your Windows are Trying to Tell You


Your windows may be trying to tell you something!

How do you tell if your windows need to be replaced? Your windows may be trying to tell you! Here are a few signs of damage to look for.


If you see condensation along the bottom or in the corners of the glass panes, this could be a sign that your house is not adequately ventilated or that there is a high moisture level in your home. When temperatures dip below freezing, excess moisture in the home will gather as condensation or frost along the corners of the window. This can lead to problems like mold, mildew, or rot, which require expensive fixes if left unchecked! Try running a dehumidifier and using bathroom fans to decrease the moisture levels in your home.

Hard to Open and Close

If your double-hung window requires Herculean strength to open or close, the probably means that the wood around the window is swelling. Wood windows will swell in high humidity or if the wood is damp. Temperature or humidity can contribute to swelling wood. With vinyl replacement windows, you don’t need to worry about aging deteriorating wood.


Drafty windows could mean that the weather stripping around the sashes or the glass panes need to be replaced. Older windows are notoriously drafty; if your windows haven’t been replaced in a couple decades, getting replacement windows can save you a fortune on energy bills as well as get rid of uncomfortable drafts.

Water Leaks

Does water leak through your windows when it rains? Your windows are trying to tell you that they can’t close properly. This could be simply because the window is not locked; locking your window will give it the tightest seal. If your window still continues to leak, and the leak is coming from the top of the window, this could be a sign that there is serious damage to your roof or siding. A damaged roof or siding lets water into the house, causing expensive water damage. If you notice this, the best thing to do is to see if you can locate the damage and then call a professional to replace your roofing or siding.

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