Tips for Inspecting Your Windows After a Storm

Tips for Inspecting Your Windows After a Storm

As intense storms come and go, they can leave extensive damage to your home’s exterior, including your windows.

If you’ve noticed water damage inside your home, it could have something to do with the condition of your windows. The fall can be as rainy as the summer can. As intense storms come and go, they can leave extensive damage to your home’s exterior, including your windows.

Start on the Inside

You will need to inspect your windows from the inside and the outside. However, the first phase of your inspection should begin while you stand inside your home and test each of the windows around the house. Press gently on the frame of each window to make sure that the frames don’t shift and allow the glass to move. Once you have made sure that your windows are still in place, you can inspect them for other potential sources of damage.

Look for Condensation

Condensation might seem mostly harmless, more of a nuisance than anything. However, excessive condensation is a sign that something is wrong with your windows. Look at the inside of your windows and the outside of the windows; if condensation has infiltrated the panes of the window, it means the seal is broken. When window seals are broken, you will need to replace them.

Open the Windows

It’s also important that your home’s windows can open and close without sticking. It’s possible that you painted over the windows, which will prevent them from operating as they should. However, if it is possible to open your windows and they won’t stay open, then again, it’s a sign that something is wrong. The next step is to see if your windows are still under warranty. Even if they are still under warranty, you can still consider replacing them. Inspect each window both on the inside and outside to see which ones need to be replaced. Also, if you have installed locks on every window to increase the security of your home, then you should make sure they still work.

Look for Leaks

Now that you’ve done everything else take a closer look at your windows and check for signs of leaks. You can go outside and do this too, because the leaks may not be immediately evident by just looking at the inside of the window. If the paint around the window is bubbling, then it’s a symptom of water damage. The caulk and glazing could also be wearing out, or the window wasn’t installed correctly, and it is beginning to exhibit issues such as rotting frames. If so, then call on the experts at Capital Remodeling to help you choose the best replacement windows for your home to keep your family safe and warm all fall long.

Replacement Windows from Capital Remodeling

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