It Might Be Time to Replace Your Sliding Glass Doors

It Might Be Time to Replace Your Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors make for a fabulous addition to your home.

Sliding glass doors make for a fabulous addition to your home. You can rest easy knowing how simple they are to open and close, and how beautiful and elegant they look. Sliding glass doors allow in plenty of sunlight and warmth; perfect for enjoying those long and lazy summer days in your sunroom. With sliding glass doors, you can also look into the yard and enjoy a splendid view. But sliding glass doors will eventually wear out. So, here is how you can tell you need new ones.

Escaping Air and Unexpected Drafts

Sliding glass doors are meant to allow plenty of light in. But if you feel a breeze even when the doors are closed, you might have a problem.  Keep an eye out for gaps in your current doors. These gaps might be a sign of air escaping through the doors and costing you money. Even the smallest of these gaps can allow warm and cool air to escape from your home. Although you might be able to mend these cracks with some brand new weatherstripping, if that quick fix isn’t enough a more dramatic change might be in order, especially if the door has become harder to open and close.

Harder to Operate

Sliding glass doors are so popular because of how simple they are to operate. You should constantly make sure they slide open without much resistance. If a sliding glass door doesn’t open properly, it might put you or your family in danger in an emergency situation. These doors slide so easily because they are mounted on a track. Look closely at the sliding mechanism to see if the door has come off the track. Even if it hasn’t the slider could be damaged by weather conditions or improper installation. If this is the case, simple repairs might not be enough.

A Buildup of Condensation

Another possible cause of problems with this type of door is condensation. Condensation can cause all sorts of problems with your windows. But did you know that condensation can just as easily wreak havoc on your sliding glass doors? Glass is typically insulated against condensation damage. There are usually two sheets of glass incorporated into a single sliding glass door. If condensation has infiltrated the double paned glass, it means the seal has broken. You will know condensation when you see it – particularly if your sliding glass door is foggy.

Noticeable Signs of Damage

A quick visual inspection can reveal something wrong with your sliding glass doors. Take a closer look at their overall condition. If you can see noticeable signs of damage, such as broken glass or severe rotting, it’s time for new doors. Heatwaves and storms are two seasonal hazards that can wear down the integrity of your sliding glass doors. Constant vigilance is the key to ensuring your doors are in the best shape they can be.

Fix Up Your Sliding Glass Doors with Capital Remodeling

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