How to Choose the Best Home Exterior Color

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The right exterior colors make your home look luxurious and inviting.

Choosing your home exterior color palette can be a challenging task. You don’t want to be the one home on the block that stands out like a sore thumb. But you also don’t want your home to look unremarkable. Designing your home exterior is a careful art; you have to be able to work not just with the colors themselves, but also with your landscaping, hardscaping, and neighbor’s homes. Here are a few tips for choosing the right colors that will blend in with their surroundings while still moving guests to remark on the tastefulness of your color scheme.

Plan Around Elements That Are Hard to Change

Unless you are doing an entire home remodel, there are likely going to be elements on or around your home that you won’t be able to change. Look at your shingles, walkways, driveway, and hardscaping. What color tones do you see? Are there lots of warm colors, such as beige, khaki, brown, or rust? Or are there lots of cool colors, such as blue, black, or gray? The colors of already-existing elements will inform the color you choose for your siding, trim, and/or shingles.

Choose Three or More Shades

A home exterior color scheme generally has three main parts. First is the field color, which is the dominant color of the color scheme. This will likely be the color you choose for your vinyl siding. Next is the accent color, which adds personality and depth to your field color. This is where doors, shutters, and other small areas come into play. Finally, you have the trim color, which is the color you choose for your home’s trim. This color should be contrast strongly to the field color.

So, suppose that you already have shingles that are in a dark, bluish gray color. This is an already-existing element that you are going to plan around. To continue the blue theme in the shingles, you choose a striking blue with gray undertones for you vinyl siding. This is your field color; it’s dramatic enough to grab attention without being garish. It also matches the blue tones in the shingles. For the accent color, you could choose to replace your front door with a light wood door made of pine that stands out from the blue siding. Finally, for your trim, you could choose a cool off-white color with a hint of blue. This will match the blue in your siding and shingles while also setting off your colors in a crisp, dramatic way.

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