Roofing Revamp: Is It Time For a Replacement Roof?

While you benefit from it every single day, your roof is a part of your house that you may not give much thought to. It’s easy to understand why: Unless something obvious, such as a leak, occurs, you assume that your roof is doing its job and don’t spend much more time considering it. But if you neglect your roof for too long, you may find the hard way that it needs to be replaced. Instead of waiting for something drastic to happen, be proactive now and see whether or not you are in need of a replacement roof. Read on to find out how!

Replacement Roof Replacement Roof: Inspecting For Age and Damage

 According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should be inspecting your roof at least twice a year. One of the ideal times to inspect your roof is fast approaching: springtime. After a hard winter of ice and snow, it is important in early spring to take a look and see whether your roof has sustained any serious damage. When inspecting your roof, be on the lookout for certain risk factors and types of damage, including:

Sagging. Even if individual shingles are intact, a sagging or bowed portion of the roof could indicate that it is weakening and unsafe.

Water damage. Snow and ice, as it melts into water on your rooftop, could have caused a lot of damage over the winter. Look for any mold, mildew, or evidence of rot that water could have caused.

Shingle damage. Whether you see shingles that are cracked, broken, or completely missing, this is a bad sign for your roof’s overall structural integrity.

If there is enough damage to your existing roof, then a replacement roof may be your only option. Luckily, with high quality service from Capital Remodeling, you can find the roofing solution that will keep your home protected for years to come!

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