When Is the Right Time for Replacement Windows?

Many homeowners take their windows for granted and assume that their current ones are performing well enough as-is. But very often, having replacement windows installed could solve a whole host of problems that you did not even realize your old windows were creating! Read on to find out more about when and why you should replace your windows.

 replacement-windowsTop Reasons to Invest in Replacement Windows

  • If your home was built several decades ago. Older homes are often outfitted with an outdated single-pane glass style of window. Single-pane glass does not insulate well, is more prone to breakage, and is susceptible to changes based on weather and temperature. Replacement windows with their modern dual-pane glass do not have these issues, making them a much smarter investment for your home.
  • If your furnishings are fading. Windows that are not performing well allow too much light to enter your home, which can lead to sun-bleached furniture and flooring. Replacement windows can help preserve your home’s interior and prevent this kind of damage.
  • If your windows are leaking in air and water. If your current windows were poorly-installed, they could potentially let in cold air, rain water, and other elements better left outside. When a professional team replaces these windows, they can ensure a high-quality seal you can rely on.
  • If your energy bill is too high. With the wrong windows, you could be spending far more money on your energy bill than you need to be. Energy-efficient replacement windows can help lower these costs are free up the funds to invest elsewhere in your home!

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