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Replacement Window Features

Platinum Triple Lifetime Window & Glass Breakage Transferable Warranty

Replacement Window

Replacement Window Features List

  1. Special formula PVC used in our replacement windows never needs painting, makes cleaning a snap and prevents scratching or denting.
  3. State of the art operating mechanism allows years of easy window operation
  4. Great View’s ventilation latch sysem provides additional ventilation option.
  5. Integral tilt-latch makes the window easy to tilt-in and leaves a smooth window appearance.
  6. Great View’s protective lock and keeper are BOTH installed into separate STEEL support bars to provide ultimate security.
  7. Integral lift rail allows for easy opening and closing.
  8. Up to 30% thicker interior support webwalls than previous model.
  9. Great View’s designer exclusive OGEE beveled edge featured on our white window’s exterior frame provides an aesthetically pleasing outside finish.
  10. Patented DURALITE provides the best spacer system available! There is NO metal in our seal. Our seal provides the lowest U Values, reduces heat transfer, is moisture resistant, and provides superior seal integrity and retention of argon gas.
  11. True, equal glass widths provide even sightlines.
  12. Triple fin weather-stripping system to prevent air infiltration for a permanent lifetime weather barrier.
  13. Integral interlock keeps windows closed tight for added security and weatherproofing.
  14. DOUBLE STRENGTH superior glass to glass sealed unit protects the home from heat and cold all year long.
  15. Great View’s ENERGYMAX INSULATION SYSTEMS (EMIS) is environmentally safe and is installed in up to 15 CHAMBERS of the window FRAMES & SASHES providing one of the best insulation systems in the world.
  16. Sloped sill permits easy water run-off.

TRIPLE POWER ULTRASHIELD GLASS PACKAGE with 12 layer LowE, including three (3) silver layers and argon to maximize energy efficiency.