Just Moved to a New Home? How Are the Windows?

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You’ll love your new house even more with brand new windows!

Have you just moved into your first house? Or bought a fixer upper project? One of the most important things to check is the windows. Old windows or poor quality windows can cause a lot of problems. Windows that aren’t sealed correctly can allow moisture into the home, which promotes the growth of mold and mildew. Not to mention that bugs and other pests can enter the home through old windows that do not seal well or close properly. Fixing your old windows is the first step to making your new home a comfortable place to live.

Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Sub-standard windows have a few tell-tale signs. Here are a few things to check for as you’re inspecting your new home:

  • Windows that rattle loudly when it’s windy.
  • A noticeable draft in front of the windows.
  • Windows that are heavy and hard to operate and clean.
  • Windows that don’t close safely.
  • A worn-out, ugly appearance that doesn’t suit your interior design plans for the home.

Why to Install Replacement Windows

There are so many reasons to replace your old windows! If you’re planning on living in the new home you purchased, then you’ll benefit from the energy savings that energy-efficient replacement windows will provide. Even if you are planning to rent out or resell the home you bought, prospective renters or buyers will be drawn to a home with updated windows.

It’s also important to consider what new windows will do for your space visually. Your new home may have a lot of old quirks, but old windows shouldn’t be one of them. Just as you would want to replace an old hardwood floor that’s rotting away, so you would also want to replace old windows that are no longer keeping out the elements or pesky bugs. Plus, you can actually completely change the feeling of a space by adding a bigger window or a window of a different style! Consider how installing a bow window or a large picture window can completely change the personality of the room. Now is your time to get creative with your interior design skills and save money and frustration in the long run as well!

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