How a Kitchen Island is a Game Changer for Your Kitchen

kitchen island

This kitchen has ample space for preparing food thanks to the island!

Do you have a kitchen island? More and more homeowners are incorporating this versatile element in their kitchens. And it’s easy to see why. Kitchen islands make life so much easier. They are a place to cook and to eat and to entertain. Here are a few ways installing a kitchen island will make you look at your kitchen differently.

Expand Your Storage Space

While modern kitchen cabinets can offer unique storage solutions, a kitchen island can offer a greater amount of storage altogether. If your kitchen is lacking in storage, this may be the solution! You have so many storage options. You can install pull out shelves, cabinets, drawers, and shelves. This extra space gives you the storage you need without interfering with the work area on the surface of the island. And speaking of work areas…

Workspace Flexibility

Not only do you get additional storage space, you also get an extra work area! The extra counter space can relieve the cramped, overburdened counters that already exist in the kitchen. You also have the option of installing a sink or stovetop in your island, which can completely change the way you use your kitchen. How far apart are your sink and stove? Perhaps installing one of these items in your island can lower the amount you have to run back and forth in the kitchen. You’ll also be able to actually fit more people in the kitchen since you’ll have the extra workspace! One person can clean and cut vegetables while another cooks and seasons them. Who says too many cooks will spoil the broth?

A Kitchen and Dining Room in One

kitchen island

Extra dining space makes entertaining guests easy.

Trying to consolidate? Among its many functions, a kitchen island can also serve as a great place to sit down and eat. If you eat meals in the kitchen, you can convert your dining room into something new! If you’re still keeping the dining room, then the kitchen island is still a great place for kids to snack and do homework or guests to have a drink while they watch your cooking expertise!

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