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Capital Remodeling, Inc is now one of the largest and most reputable companies in the entire tri-state area. See below for corresponding news

July 20th, 2008 – Press Release – Capital Remodeling Inc. cabinets from Aristokraft are the only cabinet line to have received the Good House Keeping Seal of Approval.

Capital can custom design a great new look for your kitchen and has quality installers to ensure a great finished product. Capital Remodeling has 20 years experience and 8 locations to serve you. They also provide granite, zodiac, quartz, and many other hard surface countertop options.

July 17th, 2008 PRESS NEWS – Capital Remodeling Inc. gets news article published on which can be found at website address link:

As well as at link website address:

Most double pane replacement windows lose argon gas overtime through the seal of the window panes. Argon gas helps give thermal replacement windows their high energy saving ability. So homeowners may buy windows that are rated for high energy saving yet overtime they actually lose their efficiency as this argon escapes. Capital Remodeling revolutionary window design takes advantage of a metal-free spacer system for their double paned windows. Capital's metal-free seal has been tested according to U.S., German and Canadian standards to withstand moisture, uv rays, and heat so that over a period of 20 years 98% or more of the argon gas will still be present inside the panes of glass. This revolutionary patented seal helps maintains the same efficiency 20 years from now as existed on the first day Capital Remodeling Inc. installed them.

July 16, 2008 News – Capital Remodeling Inc. provides a window that can save homeowners $1000's on not just fighting high energy and fuel costs but also in helping homes retain their value even today's housing market. How? One of the biggest factors in reducing a home's value is when household items, like hardwood floorings, carpet, rugs, cabinets, decorations, drapes need to be replaced. UV Rays are the #1 reason these items fade or discolor. Although a lot of window companies push LowE glass as a UV blocker, LowE glass usually only provides an SPF rating of 6 to 8 SPF rating. Just having LowE glass will still lead to significant fading overtime. Capital Remodeling Inc. has windows that have CLIMAGUARD SPF glass which is equivalent to an SPF 50 rating. Capital's windows block 99.9% of the sun's damaging UV rays. See

This saves homeowners $1000's and helps keep the home looking great inside. CLIMAGUARD SPF glass is the only replacement glass on the market that has the approval of the Skin Cancer Foundation

Capital Remodeling Inc. provides free quotes at 1-800-939-0728

June 20th, 2008 News Release – Capital Remodeling Inc. has a bathroom division that is providing new bathroom tub and liners that can be installed in one day. Capital Remodeling's division is giving our current and new customers a quick and affordable solution to update their bathroom quickly and without the fuss of tearing out their old bath tub and walls. Choose from various simulated tile colors and flat colors. These liners are custom made to fit exactly over the existing surface, so unlike other competitors, the homeowner does not lose any water volume. Plus these new acrylic tubs are stain resistant and will conserve water temperature for 4x as long as a standard tub. Capital Remodeling Inc. for all your home improvement needs.

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